Via Object Architects was started by Vince Via in 1999, as a software development and tools company.  The first tools were ORM and modeling tools, and grew to include full stack solutions.  ViaOA worked with other software companies and developers, supplying them with libraries and tools for the projects that they were building.

The OA vision was to build software automation technology to a level that allowed software to create software, in a way that delivers commercial level products of all sizes, very quickly.  With the goal to create a factory for creating software, so that more time could be focused on what we were building, automating as much as possible, and focusing on value added features.

Over the last two years, ViaOA has invested our efforts toward making this a reality.  We now have a development platform that can build complex software.  We  are calling this G2 - from it's code name "Golden Goose".

For 2019, ViaOA is shifting from a company that supplies software libraries and tools, to a software company that builds products and platforms.  ViaOA is able to partner with leaders and experts, offering the technology and expertise that they need to have successful applications and platforms for their industries.  

ViaOA's main advantage is that we are able to develop flexible, high quality software very quickly, with the high end functionality from using a mature architecture.  The options that are offered align with budgets and grow into the future.  Companies do not have to be in the software business to benefit from owning valuable software assets.

We directly design with our customers and partners, using a conversational process that translates into a working application.  By using G2, we deliver quality and quantity, resulting in the best investment for everyone's time and budget.  We have the flexibility to allow constant changing and improving for an application, with little or no development cycle. 

In January '19, we began delivering the first line of products that are generated by G2.


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